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'90 Day Fiancé' Recap, Season 9 Episode 12


John is the episode's absolute legend. "There you have your FATHA!" He genuinely cares for Patrick, and everything he stated was right! I really like how John stated, "read the vibe."

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By Emma Watson
8 months ago
3 min Read

Even if Ari reaches a new low in her evilness this week, I will restrain my fury so that we may focus on Mohamed.

When Yve and Mohamed spent time with her kid, I felt they were making progress, but it was short-lived as soon as they got in the car. Mohamed opted to play all of his cards: he's here for his green card.

When Yve tells him that they need to move the wedding to acquire the venue she wants, he loses it!

'90 Day Fiancé' Recap, Season 9 Episode 12

Even if they got married right away, there is no assurance that his green card application will be processed in a reasonable timeframe. But why is there now so much pressure on Mohamed to get a job when he knows he needs to wait at least 90 days? A man who truly loves his girlfriend should be concerned about her wedding.

Why would he desire a green card so he may return home anytime he likes? Yve, this is the most serious red flag! Unfortunately, I believe he has the power to force her to do what he wants. I don't think Yve will be happy if she marries that guy.

He does not wish to have children with her. To offer her the wedding she wants, he does not wish to do it at this time. He has no interest in her whatsoever!

We may once again be enraged at Ari's behavior! Ari forced Bini and her ex-husband go to the store to get a pregnancy test this week for no apparent reason! Ari is meant to accompany Leandro on a wedding dress buying trip, but she is under the weather.

A very intimate inquiry, Leandro inquires as to whether she is running late. Despite Bini's initial reluctance, Ari persuades him to purchase the exam with Leandro.

Postmates or sitting in the car while Bini picks it up would've been the right course of action, in my opinion. There is absolutely no reason to drag your ex-husband into this situation at this time.

That Leandro is lecturing Bini on behalf of his friend, Ari, is even more strange to me. Why would Leandro begin a discussion regarding Bini and Ari's desire to have children? It's strange and a bit of an overstep.

Bini can sense Leandro's plan to re-enter Ari's life, and I believe it. But can he tell Ari anything about it? No! Ari lashes out at Bini whenever she sees him walking by another woman, but she can't wait to tell her ex-husband she's pregnant! I don't believe Bini still cares for Ari and is simply doing this for the sake of his child, but Ari certainly has feelings for Leandro again..

This week, Mohamed and Ari irritated me, so let's focus on someone who made me happy: John! Patrick describes the scenario to his brother following Thais' Las Vegas surprise wedding attempt.

Thais' scheme is instantly exposed by John as flawed: If Patrick doesn't inform Thais' father first, he'll appear like a "scumbag," and there's no reason she shouldn't be delighted to marry Patrick !

John is proud of his brother and believes that whoever marries his brother should be as well! Thais cooking with ketchup and mustard demonstrates her immaturity! That lady is unprepared to be a wife or an adult who must prepare her own meals !

This week, the remaining couples are all in the center. Nothing remarkable happens between Jibri and Miona or Guillermo and Kara. Guillermo's brother's death has made the couple even more determined to marry.

Kara ultimately agrees to a lavish wedding as a compromise, but I believe this is only a brief loss in control. Kara may feel sorrow for Guillermo, but I believe she will continue to expect things to go her way.

Jibri and Miona, on the other hand, are still undecided about the nature of their wedding. Or even whether there will be a wedding. Jibri's family believes he is still being pushed, but it's difficult to believe that when the two continue to wear similar costumes.

You want me to think they haven't planned every detail of their wedding together when they wear matching cardigans? Jibri claims Miona is being pampered, yet she has agreed to every move he has recommended! She just cares about her beach wedding! Jibri is correct to need more space at times, but Miona is in a new nation with no friends! She lives out in the boonies! Jibri, introduce her to some people or interests!

Finally, there are Shaeeda and Bilal. I'm certain that Shaeeda is a saint at this point. There's no other reason for her continued patience with this irritable man.

Yoga is essential to her, and after their battle in Atlanta, Shaeeda intends to share this with Bilal and his children, but Bilal doesn't take it seriously! What type of adult man has to crack fart jokes during a family yoga session ?

I don't believe Bilal sees Shaeeda for who she is ; she simply fills the "wife" role he feels he needs to perform. Then Shaeeda has to have an unpleasant chat regarding their prenup with his ex-wife ? If Bilal truly loved Shaeeda, his ex-wife would not be so critical of her! What is Bilal saying to the crowd?

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