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🚨 90 Day Fiancé : Memphis' Leaked Tell-All Video , Everything you need to know 🚨


Memphis Smith and her baby daughter were featured in an Instagram video that explains why the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star left the Tell-All. And this is what you need to know ⚠️

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By Maggie Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

Memphis Smith, star of 90 Day Fiancé, explains why she left the Tell-All in a video with her baby daughter. Due to rumors about Memphis and Hamza's breakup following 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, viewers awaited their Tell-All segment for answers.

When it came time to discuss their relationship at the reunion, Memphis rushed out, claiming she had a headache. While the cast and host Shaun Robinson expected Memphis to return, she only did so to inform everyone that she was leaving for good.

As a result, viewers learned nothing new about Hamza and Memphis other than the fact that he arrived in America a month after their baby was born. Even their child's name and gender were kept a secret.

Memphis later commented on Instagram that the baby is a girl and that she will not be sharing any photos of her online. While that solved the mystery of Memphis and Hamza’s baby to some extent, it still left one question unanswered: why was Memphis implying that she and Hamza split after they unfollowed each other on Instagram ?

The show was supposedly going to have a separate Tell-All segment of Memphis in a private room backstage after she complained of getting headaches. However, a leaked video that seems to have been taken by Memphis herself and forwarded to 90 Day Fiancé ET and ScreenRant explains why the mom of three really left. It appears that Memphis felt violated because she was filmed by the crew when she was vomiting and later, breastfeeding her baby. Take a look at the video below :

90 Day Fiancé  : Memphis' Leaked Video

Memphis can be heard confronting the crew as her baby continues to scream throughout the video. Memphis is accompanied by another voice, which could be her sister.

Memphis complains to the producers of 90 Day Fiancé that her privacy has been violated, and the other woman mentions "a whole a** grown man standing at the door with a camera while she has her t***y out." Users backed Memphis up in the comments section, saying that the baby's privacy should have been respected and that Memphis should have obtained proper permission to enter the room before filming her.

"They shouldn't have been filming her if she didn't agree to be filmed while breastfeeding. Period," one 90 Day Fiancé viewer said.

Some people still believe Memphis pretended to be sick in order to avoid answering questions about her marriage to Hamza. Memphis and Hamza's baby's paternity had also been called into question after she became pregnant just two weeks after meeting Hamza.

Some viewers believe Memphis doesn't want anyone to know who the baby's father is. Nonetheless, the leaked video portrays her in a more favorable , innocent way than the entire Tell-All.

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🚨 90 Day Fiancé  : Memphis' Leaked Tell-All Video , Everything you need to know 🚨

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