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90 day fiancé : Jenny Slatten's Weight Loss Journey & How You Can Dot It Too

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90 Day Fiancé star Jenny Slatten has changed drastically, what's her secret ?

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By Maggie Watson
10 months ago
3 min Read

Jenny is from America, and her husband is from a strict Indian family, therefore their relationship on the show was culturally complicated . The couple also has a significant age difference, which has caused issues in their relationship.

After dating for almost a decade, Sumit and Jenny, to their credit, took a leap of faith and were married. They secretly tied the knot during season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way without Sumit's parents being aware of it.

90 day fiance jenny slatten and summit

Since making his debut on reality TV, Jenny's companion hasn't changed all that much, but Jenny herself has. In recent years, she has shown a sincere interest in Indian culture, and she has also gone through a physical transformation.

90 day fiancé :  Jenny Slatten's Weight Loss Journey & How You Can Dot It Too

During her stay on the show, the former reality star adopted Indian customs and attempted to match the demands of her husband's family. Jenny, a Palm Springs native, considered becoming a Hare Krishna devotee who would be required to follow ISKCON's four principles in order to remain in India. She has also dabbled with Indian fashion, and she frequently posts stunning photos of herself dressed in traditional attire on social media.

However, the former reality star's ensembles aren't the only way admirers laud her. Jenny has astounded her fans by embracing a healthy lifestyle over the last year. Viewers have noted that she has lost a large amount of weight and dramatically changed her appearance.

When some curious fans inquired, the cast member of 90 Day Fiancé revealed her weight loss secret. Jenny shared a video on Facebook in 2021 announcing that she has lost weight via walking. She encouraged her supporters to begin walking as well. Jenny also revealed that she had shed five to six pounds.

Printed white kurta and flowy palazzo trousers were on display in Jenny's selfie, which she posted to Instagram. Fans suspected that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star had shed a significant amount of weight based on her appearance.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way jenny slatten

Jenny didn't reveal how much weight she had lost, but she did publish a picture of herself and Sumit on a shopping trip. Jenny's new style was lauded by many of her followers, who thought she looked stunning.

As of start-2022, Sumit had posted a preview of their upcoming trip to Goa on Jenny's Facebook page. The former cast member posted a video of himself and his wife strolling along the beach on Instagram. Jenny appeared to be in better shape and more agile in the video than she had previously appeared to be.

I thought she appeared lot younger than she did on the show since she donned a beach-themed attire. In addition to her new hairstyle and a few dancing skills, Jenny showed off her moves as the couple strolled down the beachside sand.

"Jenny looks very amazing, what's her secret" and "Jenny looks #Fabulous , what she's taking" , were just some of the comments people made about the 90 Day Fiancé star's weight loss efforts.

What's the secret behind Jenny Slatten weight loss transformation

The key to her success is not complicated: she has found contentment in the company of the person whom she adores, and she maintains a healthy diet and she's exercising every weekend according to her latest Instagram post .

She later stated , " In the United States, there is a greater temptation to consume chunk food than there is in India ", nonetheless, I'm willing to bet that Summit's mother will never permit those kinds of foods in her home.

We admirer and love Jenny Slatten regardless of her weight, but me personally I'm proud of her relationship and fitness journey.

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