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90 Day Fiancé : Emily’s Dad Calls Kobe ‘Crazy’ For Wanting To Take Over His Business


In this EXCLUSIVE '90 Day Fiance' sneak preview spoil by HOOLYWOODLIFE, Emily's father, David, and Kobe sit down to talk about Kobe's plans to provide for his family.

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By Annah Baker
9 months ago
3 min Read

Emily's father, wants to ensure that Kobe takes care of his daughter. He meets with Kobe to discuss the future. David acknowledges in this EXCLUSIVE sneak look of the June 12 episode of 90 Day Fiance published by HOLLYWOODLIFE that he has "major reservations" about Kobe.

"Ever since Kobe arrived, there have been some clashes with Emily, and it appears that some of them have become a little heated... "It's a bit frightening," David remarks. He wants to know what Kobe's plan is because he won't be there forever.

90 Day Fiancé : Emily’s Dad Calls Kobe ‘Crazy’ For Wanting To Take Over His Business

David asks about Kobe's job aspirations and plans to provide for his family. Emily mentioned going back to modeling, but Kobe doesn't think that's viable in this situation. Kobe says to have previously worked in "civil engineering."

"Because you have a full firm... you might possibly train me to take over the company." "To keep the family name alive," Kobe says to David. David doesn't look delighted about the prospect.

David interrogates Kobe about his "civil engineering" credentials. Kobe, it turns out, just has a high school diploma and no professional training in civil engineering.

“Well, he’s crazy if he thinks he’s gonna come in and take over my business. That’s not gonna happen. It’s just not. He’s out of his mind,” David declares. Well, that settles things.

There has definitely been tension between Kobe and Emily as Kobe has tried to impress her parents. While working in the stables, Kobe lashed out at Emily for telling him what he should be doing. Emily eventually stormed out.

Emily and Kobe met while both were in China. Their fast-paced courtship quickly turned into an engagement and pregnancy. Kobe moved to Kansas to live with Emily and their son, but the change has been difficult. TLC's 90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m.

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