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5 Titanic Stories You Probably Didn't Know About


Unthinkable events occurred on April 15, 1912, when RMS Titanic went down in North Atlantic. It was built and delivered ashore with a lot of dreams and ambitions attached to it. At 11:40 p.m. on 14 April, the largest ship in the world struck an iceberg, causing the worst maritime disaster in history.

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By Emma Watson
a year ago
3 min Read

Titanic, based on the true story of the Titanic disaster, depicts the whirlwind passion between Jack and Rose before tragedy separates them for good. It's still enticing to hear that story. Did you realize there were other persons on board with their own stories that the rest of the world probably doesn't even know about? A look back at the most showy ship in the world and some of the fascinating stories it has to tell.

1. Edward And Ethel Beane :

Many people doubted that the ship was sinking, including these newlyweds. They would never forget Titanic's lofty promise of being a ship that would never sink. As a result, it required a few stern warnings to get them to change their minds. When the couple was split up, they were on their honeymoon. While Ethel was being taken to safety in a lifeboat, Edward was able to swim to a nearby rescue vessel. Fortunately, they are still married. Source: Encyclopedia Titanica

5 Titanic Stories You Probably Didn't Know About

2. Edith Russell :

  • Intuition told Edith something terrible was about to happen. Her secretary even received a note informing her that she couldn't shake the nagging sense of foreboding she had in her heart. Having covered the Paris Easter Sunday races for French fashion, she boarded the ship from France. Even though she was merely looking for a moment of peace, Edith was more concerned with getting out of the ship.

Her forebodings weren't completely irrational. She begged a steward to assist her retrieve her pig-shaped music box as soon as she was asked to leave the stateroom and make for a lifeboat. She was allocated one of the first lifeboats since she was a high-class passenger. Her refusal to depart until the ship's women and children were safe was a sign of her character. In the end, she had no choice but to board the lifeboat since she didn't want to lose her most prized property. Source: Encyclopedia Titanica.

3. Alex MacKenzie :

Alex became renowned for not going on the voyage that resulted in the deaths of several people. The Titanic was touted as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Some people were jealous of others who made the journey. Alex, on the other hand, isn't. Even though the voice in his brain kept telling him not to go, he almost did. The last thing Alex did before hanging up the phone was to explain the ticket's gift-wrapping to his parents. Source: 30 James Street.

4. James Moody :

James Moody was a lower-ranking officer on a low income. Nonetheless, he remained throughout the crisis, releasing lifeboat after lifeboat. Moody was a great hero since he was requested to man one of the lifeboats he launched and save people. However, he elected to remain on board and offered another officer the chance to reach the beach. The only reason he stayed aboard the ship was to personally ensure that as many lives as possible were rescued. Moody was the Sixth officer, and he remained behind to help the First officer. He remained up until 2:18 a.m., the last minutes before the ship went down. Source: Encyclopedia Titanica

5. The Countess Of Rothes :

Lucy Noel Martha, Countess of Rothes, was one of the Titanic's richest and most respected passengers. She was on board with her cousin and maid, on her way to the United States to be with her husband and children. As soon as the Captain learned of the ships' sinking, he instructed the Countess to go get the safety belts. The Countess and her friends were brought to the first lifeboat lowered into the water. The Countess was recognized by Lifeboat 8's sailor, who knew her to be a superb leader.

She instantly assumed command of the boat for the remainder of the night. She temporarily changed places with her cousin to soothe a Spanish lady whose husband had been left behind. She not only guided the boat to safety, but she also shouted words of encouragement to all on board. She remained in Carpathia to ensure the survivors' safety and well-being. The Countess and the Sailor kept in touch until the Countess died. Source: BBC

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